Couch to 5K Training Plan - Month 2!

We've made it through Month One of the 5K training plan! 

I hope you are feeling more energized and ready to tackle 3.1 miles!  This month, we will continue with a similar pattern, but add some more advanced strength and flexibility moves, as well as longer running intervals. Check out this month's workout calendar below:


Remember- 10 of each exercise on each side unless otherwise noted.

Straight leg swings

Holding onto a chair with your left hand, swing your right leg straight out in front of you while your right hand reaches out to touch it.  This will activate your hamstrings.  10 each side.


Starting with both feet together, step out into a lunge with your right foot.  Twist your upper body so that you look over to the right side.  Step back in.  10 each side.

Knee circles

Soften your knees and place both hands on them.  Draw circles with your knees to the left.  10 each side.

High Knees

Run in place lifting knees up to your chest.  Complete 20 seconds worth.

Seat Kickers

Run in place kicking heels towards your seat.  Complete 20 seconds worth.


Remember- 20 on each side of each exercise.

Donkey kicks

On all fours and with a neutral spine, lift the right knee off the floor directly behind you to hip level.  Raise it up and inch and down an inch 20 times.  Repeat on the other side.

Back kicks

Facing a ledge or chair, stand on your left leg and straighten the right leg directly behind your right shoulder.  Keeping a neutral spine, raise your right leg up a foot and down a foot 20 times.  Repeat on the other side.


On all fours again, extend your right leg straight out from your right hip and keep your knee at a 90 degree bend.  Work on raising it to hip level without letting the left hip fall over top of your left knee.  Complete this exercise 20 times before switching sides.

Supine leg lifts

Laying on your front side with arms and legs extended and straight, lift your feet off the floor.  Work towards lifting your entire thigh off the ground while keeping the neck in a neutral position gazing at the floor.


Remember - 4 times each stretch for 20 seconds

Hamstring Stretch

Sitting in a straddle position, bend your left leg in and reach out over your right straight leg, keeping a neutral spine.  Switch legs.

Quad Stretch

Standing, soften your left knee and grab the tops of your right toes with your right hand.  Tuck your hips under and hold.  Repeat on other side.

Runner's Lunge

Standing, extend the left leg out and sink into the left knee.  Take your right arm and reach up and over to the left side.  Repeat on other side.


You are almost there!  Next month is your race!  Remember to hydrate all week long, not just during your runs.  And, if those calves are coming alive, wear your CSX Compression socks to increase blood flow and keep them happy!

Emma Moyer is a mother of two and wife to an 8-time Ironman (and counting).  Professionally, she is a certified personal trainer and Group Ex instructor, as well as a nutrition specialist and holistic health coach student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She blogs over at Be Mom Strong.