Graduated Compression Technology


Compression garments first became popular in hospitals; they were used to improve recovery in post-surgery patients by promoting venous blood flow. Champion CSX's parent company has actually been manufacturing medical grade compression wear for over 100 years. We've had a lot of time to perfect our designs!

Athletic communities have just recently caught on to the benefits of compression. Garments that provide graduated compression can play a big role in performance enhancement and injury reduction. 


CSX Compression Sock with Arrow Graphic Travelling Up Sock 

  • Lactic acid is a product of cellular respiration, which is the body's way of making energy. Lactic acid builds as a result of over-exerting muscles
  • Lactic acid build-up inhibits muscle functioning and can be quite painful. Muscles NEED oxygen to reduce lactic acid.
  • Graduated compression works by compressing the veins closest to the skin, forcing blood to pump through bigger, deeper veins and arteries back to the heart. This increases oxygen production to areas with painful lactic acid build-up.  
  • In turn, this allows athletes to train longer, harder and better.